Stuff I Still Need to Do on This Blog

Stuff I need to work on:

  1. Contact - this could be either a contact form or encrypting my email address in such a way that harvester bots can’t read it and putting that on my site. The lack of access to CGI or Php means I’m kind of back to static html website days and can’t just find a contact form script or plugin. It has to be remotely hosted which means either pay for the service or put up with data mining and ads. I’ll probably do the email thing. Fortunately I found an encoder
  2. Hosted Comments: I at least want users to be able to comment on Posts. can send Indieweb notices but as far as I know it cannot receive them, or at least they don’t get displayed on the post so that is an obstical. Plus I’m old school, I believe blogs are more than just having a soapbox, they should be a place for conversation and that means commenting. Conversation raises my game, making me want to write better, clearer.
  3. Now Page - it’s not a high priority but it would be nice.

Speaking of pages, I know I’m going to be adding more pages. Without a sidebar on the theme it means they all have to fit in the top level navigation menu. We shall see.

Things I am Missing from Wordpress

  • Sidebars on Themes
  • Widgets like Top Posts and Pages. These helped draw visitors in and get them to read more posts.
  • Related Posts: displayed below each individual post, again this helped draw people in to seeing other posts I had written on the same subject. I really miss these.

Time for supper. At least I got to practice a little Markdown in this post with some help from this Markdown Cheatsheet

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