Migrated, Merged and More to come.

I’ve merged my Micro.blog blog and my Wordpress (main blog) together on the Micro.blog platform. Oh and I’m now testing the Micropublish online editor to while I type this.

Migration went well. The Wordpress Importer at MB is really smooth. Thank you to Manton for helping to get the swapping out of domains and SSL sorted!

So what this means is, my personal long form and short form blogs are now one under the Ramblinggit.com URL, with no more having to decide which to post what on. By using Micro.blog I also preserve the original URL of each post I Imported from Ramblinggit on Wordpress and that is important because it keep any incoming links from other web pages intact and also keeps the same URL’s that the search engines have indexed. So nobody gets a 404 and I don’t have to learn how to do Apache mod rewrite 301 redirects (or whatever they are called.) Works for me.

The big choice between migrating between Micro.blog and B2evolution was a very near thing. In the end, it came down to the advantages of merging two blogs together, and the support I know exists on MB from the community itself, and from the Micro.blog team of Jean and Manton. All of which is incredibly valuable if you stop and think about it.

Still To Do List:

  1. Tidy Up. Recreate Pages from WP. Change Footer stuff.

  2. Figure out how to do this newfangled theme editing. Stuff like how to get the theme out of Github and on to the editor because it’s not obvious to me. I have a theory or theories, but that doesn’t mean it will work. All I know is when I open up the theme editor it’s blank which means I got to get something from somewhere.

  3. After #2 above, I want to get some sort of hosted comments do-hickey (Disqus or IntenseDebate) inserted into a theme and then working so non-MB members can comment.

  4. After #3 above. I’d like to import my comments from Wordpress into that third party comments do-hickey. I really hated losing those comments in the migration. There were some long comments by others that were brilliant and some long threads. That was a high toll to pay, but maybe reversible.

  5. Find an editor either online (this Micropublish editor is looking good) or a software client. I need one for both Windows and Linux because I switch back and forth every week.

  6. Put some serious thought into how to use these new Categories for posts feature on MB. I never liked the categories I was using on Wordpress, not those are gone so this is a good time to rethink and start fresh.

Enough for this post. I hope this works.

Added: Micropublish failed. I got a big fat error on trying to publish. It sure looked good on paper.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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