Micro.blog: New Custom templates, categories, new theme, and more

We are launching several major new features for blog hosting on Micro.blog today. Any one of these features alone is a big change, and together I hope they will serve as a great foundation for years to come. The goal was to make blog hosting faster and more flexible for new features.
Source: Manton Reece - Custom templates, categories, new theme, and more

These are huge additions to the features and an amazing roll-out.  This all paves the way for a more stand alone blog experience on MB.  It’s all very good.

It’s very thoughtful the way Manton set it up so that MB users can share their custom themes with others.  I really appreciate that attention to detail he has built in.

I think categories is going to be a sleeper hit, people might not talk much about them but everybody will quietly wonder how they got along without them.


Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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