iPhone X and Wordpress Gutenberg Both Ditched Me

I was just thinking how iPhone X models left me behind as an iPhone user and how that is similar to Wordpress and the Gutenberg project is making me want to discontinue using Wordpress.

On iPhone X phones:  I always used a numeric code to unlock my iPhones, but where I did use fingerprint recognition was to unlock certain apps like Apple Pay which I like and trust more than Google Pay.  I just don’t like the idea of standing in line, mugging for face recognition so I can pay for something.  1. Fingerprint ID was not broken, it worked really well for me, 2. For the price Apple want’s for the X phones I expect fingerprint ID and ID with my ugly mug.

Underlying that, is I had gotten a bit bored over the years with iOS stability and respectability.

Wordpress Gutenberg is similar, the changes both now with the editor and the future theme and widget changes are certain to keep my plugins constantly broken over the next several years.  While I’m sure some will be happy, these just are not for me.

Time to find something different and move on.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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