Like: Should Apple have its own search engine? | Macworld

The company’s stance on privacy is at odds with the way the biggest search engines operate. Maybe there’s a better way.
Source: Should Apple have its own search engine? | Macworld

My take:

  1. Apple should have bought Yahoo and it’s search technology a decade or more ago.  Or Apple should have started from scratch.  They wasted a lot of time.
  2. I’m not sure the article author realizes how dependent DDG is on Bing search feed.
  3. Yes they should own a search engine now.
  4. I’m not comfortable with them owning DDG, but they could invest in DDG or they could make DDG the default search engine.
  5. They could buy Yahoo’s search technology and the AltaVista domain from Verizon at fire sale prices and start a new AltaVista. (Preferred.)
  6. Because we need more major search engines (with their own crawlers) not further consolidation.

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