Random Monday Morning Thoughts - Stuff going through my head.

  1. How many Pages can a hosted Micro.blog blog menu handle?
  2. Why is my phone wigging out? Reboot.
  3. Bugger. AVG antivirus keeps insisting I have “unresolved issues” on my Android phone. Last time I let it “fix” them it deleted all my custom ringtones leaving my phone mute until I discovered it a week later.
  4. Snowy and windy outside. Shovel later after snow.
  5. If I move Ramblinggit.com to Micro.blog hosting I’m going to have to start using the wiki for something to fiddle with. Love MB for it’s stability and ease, but you can’t fiddle with it that much. Wiki will work.
  6. Actually need the wiki, because my memory seems to last for only 72 hours max.
  7. Don’t wash the door lock fob to the van in the washing machine. Again.
  8. Browser spell check does not work on Web posting for Micro.blog. Will have to use editor or Quill for long posts lest everyone know Brad can’t spell!
  9. It’s the “ie” “ei” thing in words messes up spelling. Who did we get that from? The French I’ll bet. Bill the Norman and Co.
  10. I like to think that I bring a certain amount of creative imagination and whimsy to spelling words. /spin
  11. Eight O’Clock Dark Italian Roast coffee will do in a pinch, but it’s not making it into my cheap coffee rotation.
  12. Watched Grand Tour last night. Good to spend some time with the lads.
  13. Breakfast?
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