4 Hosted Comment Solutions

The following are four remotely hosted comment solutions that have caught my eye.

  1. Commento.io - privacy focus, no ads, lots of features, Akismet anti-spam, starting at $3 per mo.
  2. Intense Debate - Owned by Automattic,  Akismet, Lists Trackbacks and Pings in addition to comments.  Silent about ads.  No mention of pricing prior to signup.  That always gives me pause.
  3. Commentbox.io -  looks more basic. Talks about comment filters and blocking for antispam.  No import from WP native comments.  Free for under 100 comments per mo.  Costs if you go over.
  4. Disqus -  we’ve all encountered it. Has lots of import features.  Don’t expect privacy. I don’t know how good their anti spam is. Might be able to get it free without ads for personal blog without ads.
I’ve only used Disqus as a commentor 15 years ago.  I didn’t like it.  Intense Debate has promise if it is free or reasonably priced and no ads.  Commentbox looks pretty bare bones.  My strategy, would be to start with Disqus, use their import tools to import all Wordpress comments, and see how I like it.  Almost all the others will import from Disqus so if you don’t like Disqus then move to something else.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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