2 Blog Migrations

The first migration I have to do is this blog.  That will be soon.  I need to get this migration done before I start on the next one.  Everything is sort of hanging fire until I get this blog sorted.

Migration #2.

The second migration from Wordpress is at Indieseek.xyz where I have Wordpress fused together with WSNLinks directory script.  In this instance, the directory script is acting as a plugin for Wordpress.


  1. Backup everything, both Wordpress and WSNLinks.
  2. Pay WSN support to somehow separate WSNLinks from Wordpress.
  3. Install WSNLinks index page at the root domain as a stand alone script.
  4. Then I have to Unistall Wordpress.
  5. Install B2evolution at a subfolder: probably /blog
  6. Set up B2evo and configure.
  7. Import Wordpress posts into B2evo.
  8. Clean up loose ends and any mess.
  9. Test everything.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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