Today's Project: Backup all Pages

A platform move for this blog is coming.  Wordpress is frozen on ver. 4.9.9 which is fine by me, but untenable in the long term because eventually I will start missing needed security upgrades.  Also, I’m beginning to suspect that my Indieweb stuff is not working everywhere with everyone and I’m not willing to put the time in tracking down where the problems are on a platform I intend to leave.

So I need to prepare to migrate.

I’m not sure if WP Pages get moved with backups or not, so today’s project is to manually copy the content of all important pages here on the blog so they can be easily recreated wherever I move.

Not hard, just busywork.  And right now it’s 1 degree F outside with a high of 11 degrees F so it’s a good day to stay home and tackle it.

Okay I lied, I do have to make a store run for weekend food, plus doughnuts er, because doughnuts are a food group

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