A Closer look at B2evolution Features

I wrote a review of B2evolution CMS, but I didn’t get into too much detail.  I’ve taken a closer look and here are some thoughts.

Blogs: you can have multiple blogs on one install. You can control who can see each blog.  This is handy if you want to keep a journal or diary something only logged in members can see.

Manual:  This is really neat.

  1. You can create a manual.
  2. You could use this for a diary or journal.
  3. You could outline a book with this.
  4. You could write a web book with chapters and/or sub chapters.
  5. Moreover the manual has wiki features.
Main features:
  • Similar to a Wiki but with added hierarchical structure
  • Unlimited nesting of Chapters & Sub-chapters
  • Easy linking between pages via WikiLink syntax – links stay valid even if you restructure the table of contents differently or if you rename the pages
  • Collaborative editing, including versioning of edits, history, diffs and rollback.
  • Multiple markup options making editing easier and more consistent than HTML editing
  • No frames, so each page has an URL and it’s easy to share links to individual pages
  • Allows user comments
  • Allows user rating of manual pages
  • and of course all the other b2evolution standard features (Analytics, Antispam, etc.)
B2 Demo Manual.

All said, that Manual feature is a very powerful thing to have at your beck and call.

Forums:  A full featured forum. See Forum Demo.

Tracker: For Issues or tasks.  See Tracker Demo.

There’s more!

You can manage your own email mailing list and newsletter.  Plus you have polls.

As far as I can tell these things are not half done.  They are tested and robust.  That’s a lot of stuff to have available with one install and for free.  The more I look at B2evolution the more impressed I get.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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