My Blog Migration Shortlist as of 20 January 2019

Sometime in 2019 I will move this blog to a different platform.  Here is my current shortlist.

  1. - if I migrate to MB I will probably consolidate this blog and, my current hosted MB blog into one.  At MB I’ll be trading lots of WP features for simplicity and focus on posting.  This is the most likely solution but I’m waiting for certain key elements to be implemented first.  I think I can replicate some WP sidebar widgets with pages on MB.
  2. B2evolution - the only thing keeping holding me back from moving to B2 is it lacks Indieweb capabilities.  I would have to rely on 3rd party services and old fashion trackbacks.  B2 is looking at adding webmention support but no time frame as to when that would be implemented.  I would be moving and then making do until B2 implements webmentions and stuff.  Other than that, B2 is ready to roll.
  3. Known - it’s impressive.  The big hurdle is there is no working way to migrate my posts from Wordpress.  That makes it a non-starter.  There is the off chance that somebody will roll out a migration tool for non-coders but nothing is in sight for now.  My other worry is support and updates.  Still I’m keeping Known on the short list in case these things get fixed.
The whole CMS/blog script scene is frustrating, every single script has something I consider vital missing there are no 100% or even 95% choices.

The thing is, this is my main blog so whatever I move it to has to be solid, dependable, durable, and capable.

I also have to find a new blog for, but the criteria are different there. won’t work there.  It’s looking like B2 will be the choice there.

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