Read: Involuntary Turnover Kat Voyzey Mysteries, #1 by Cheri Baker

Read: Involuntary Turnover Kat Voyzey Mysteries, #1 by Cheri Baker

Straight up, I enjoyed this mystery novel.  I’m glad I chose it as the first book I read on my snarfie new Kobo ereader.

The characters and setting are extremely well drawn. The writing is clean, crisp and clear.  Plot is pretty good and believable.  Everything about this novel is competent and it all comes together into an enjoyable read.

The first half of the book establishes setting, characters and the mystery.  That might seem long but all in all I think that is fair, this is the first book in a series so these elements need to be setup properly right from the start.

I don’t know exactly how to categorize this as a mystery these days: contemporary traditional mystery?  I won’t call it an American cozy, because that has become a realm of insipid cats, recipes, cloying cuteness and romance drama.  No, this is better than that: just the right dash of cat, a bit of awareness in the opposite gender, take out food, lots of coffee and not a single doily anywhere.   Solid Like.

You get a double bonus with Involuntary Turnover: it’s free, not just on Kobo but also on Barnes and Noble and Amazon as well.


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