Family Lore, Memories and a Wiki

I have a project I’ve been thinking about, off and on for about 9 months: I want to write down what I can remember of my family lore and also my own family memories from my youth.

  1. Stories told to me by family members about themselves or other family members.
  2. Stuff I was a part of.
  3. My memories of parents and grandparents.
I can’t write these in any sort of chronological order.  Also these are not going to be polished stories rather more like memory dumps.

I had been considering some sort of blogging platform for this.  A blog is not quite the right script for this because of posts always being pushed down, but categories and tags could help keep things organized.

I’ve been sitting here thinking about this because Wordpress and their dreadful Gutenberg project have put a massive monkey wrench in the gears.  I do want this to have some archival qualities and daft Gutenberg “blocks” held together with mass globs of JavaScript does not sound very archival to me.  Nor do I want to write this on a platform that is going to be reinvented every month for the next 3 to 5 years.  I’m not going to be Automattic’s beta tester.  So what was my platform of choice, Wordpress has been ripped out from under me and darn few other blogging platforms have the breath and depth of features of Wordpress.

(It gets worse because I had some other projects that I was going start that would have used Wordpress and those are now on hold too.  But I’ll leave them for another post.)

On this family memory project: as I was thinking about what to use besides Wordpress it occurred to me that a wiki might be a better platform.  The people characters are sort of constants and every time I named a person it would be great if that was automatically hyperlinked to a page about that person.  Same for locations.  I’m still playing  with the idea but a wiki is starting to sound better than a blog for this.

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