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Despite Gutenberg, it looks like this blog will remain on Wordpress for awhile.  There is nothing else that has all the features, stability, and Indieweb stuff I want.  Each platform I have looked at is not quite ready yet, but a few may be ready someday.

With that said, I do want to change things up a bit:


I’m currently using Sempress (on two blogs), I like Sempress a lot but I’d like to make the blogs look more distinct and different from each other while retaining Indieweb functions.  Of the Indieweb compatible themes, Indieweb: Twenty Sixteen looks good.  Zenpress is really nice but I always want a sidebar theme and Zenpress does not have that.  There is talk of fixing the Indieweb problems with Independent Publisher theme and that would be ideal as I like the look of that theme.

Blog Directory here on Ramblinggit.

I already removed it from navigation.  It was rarely used or looked at, in conversation people confuse it with, it duplicates part of and I don’t see a future for it so I think it can be made redundant.


Nobody even looks at it.  It has been deleted.


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