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There is a lot of discussion about adding categories and/or tags for posts on hosted blogs on Micro.blog and I just thought I would post this note on some search engine traffic stats I have observed here on Wordpress and how they might be useful to Micro.blog.


While I get a lot of search engine traffic to individual posts, I also get a lot of search engine traffic directly to specific tags and categories.  If you think about it, a Tag archive is going to have 5 - 10 posts all on the same subject.  This is a lot of lovely text, far beyond that of one post, that search engines love to gobble up.  It’s very compelling.  To the crawler it appears as all one page, so if you have 8 posts all tagged “blue widgets” and each post is 500+ words it looks huge to a spider.  You can sort of see an example of this  for the tag “Webrings”.

The same sort of thing applies to categories.


Besides just the chance at more traffic, you get deeper engagement from the visitors from search engines, more page views, and if they see you have a lot of long form posts on their favorite topic they might be more inclined to subscribe to your feed or bookmark or whatever.  Deeper engagement and more page views are all to the good for a blog.


The point being, if Micro.blog adds categories and/or tags it would be advantageous if they were spiderable by the search engines. Just my two cents.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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