Christmas, Chicago Television and Childhood Movie Reflections

Around Thanksgiving, I started seeing a fair amount of traffic to my WGN-TV Family Classics Movie List page and it continues.  I’ve been moving that page around from blog to blog since at least 2004 and a few weeks ago I moved it here.

If you are a late Baby Boomer and grew up in the Chicago television area you will know about the WGN Family Classics movies.  More info on that page.

I think Thanksgiving and Christmas bring a lot of reflection on the past and our childhood memories which causes people to search the web for this list of old classic movies.

I think Family Classics might still be on TV, but the specific movies have changed as old contracts finally ran out, so this list matches what my generation enjoyed.

Anyway I thought I would share, just in case you are of a certain age, grew up watching Chicago television and want to amaze you cousins with your trivia knowledge at Christmas dinner.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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