Noir, Hard Boiled Detectives and OTR

I’m a big fan of Old Time Radio (OTR) and hard boiled detective shows.  If you want to hear all sorts of Noir type crime shows on Internet Radio, I suggest Audio Noir.  There you will hear mysteries, hard boiled, police proceedurals and more.

But the recordings of Old Time Radio make great podcasts and most are available at  Below is a list of some of the hard boiled detective shows I have enjoyed.  Philip Marlow and Sam Spade are the best of the genre.  There are others but these will get you started.🎙🎙

On some of these you have to download zip bundles of mp3 files.  So load up your iPod and enjoy.


Adventures of Philip Marlow. The Gerold Mohr episodes (most of them) are the best. The Mohr episodes define the genre on radio.

The Adventures of Sam Spade. Really good. Lighter than Marlow these are still amongst the best.

Broadway is My Beat.  The Larry Thor episodes are best.  Some of the characters are just weird but over time I grew to really like this show.

Richard Diamond, Private Detective.  Starring Dick Powell.

Let George Do It.  First few episodes are sadly played for laughs, but later episodes are hard boiled.

Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator.  Pretty standard.

Your’s Truly, Johnny Dollar.  I’ve singled out the Edmund O’Brian episodes which I think are the best and most hard boiled of this long running series.

Jeff Regan.  The 24 shows starring Jack Webb are the best.

Pat Novak, For Hire. Another Jack Webb show.





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