Like: If Gutenberg Breaks my Blog Where to Move?

In sort: there ain’t shit out there.

Like: Brad Enslen Micro Blog - If Gutenberg Breaks my Blog Where to Move?

I found a third option:  Known.  Known seems to have Indieweb webmention support built in.  Like and Tikiwiki there are some catches: it’s not listed in any hosting panel for auto install, it’s not even at version 1.0 so technically it’s a Beta, very limited eco system, development seemed stalled for awhile but I hear it has restarted. Moving my Wordpress site from to MB would still give me partial Indieweb functions, excellent support, constant development and a great posting interface.  The downsides, strictly for me, no comments or incoming webmentions, no categories or tags, third party site search only.  On other things I I have plugins for on WP I could probably find a work around on MB using pages. I think all these things will be addressed in time but, right now it’s just not ready to take on the job of a web presence.

TikiWiki.  Frankly, if I was starting out now I would be really tempted to use TikiWiki.  It has everything, not as a plugin, the stuff is already there: Blog, wiki, forums, directory, articles, newsletter and more are all part of the core script.  The only downsides are: zero Indieweb elven goodness, I couldn’t find any cross posting capability.  Work arounds: Bridgy might provide some Indieweb goodness and I know can syndicate using  No Indieweb is a big downside but surprisingly it’s not a deal killer for me.

I have a couple of years to make a decision.  I’m thinking some more blog scripts will start being developed in response to Gutenberg so it’s wait and see.  In the mean time I’ll keep a weather eye on these three.



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