If Gutenberg Breaks my Blog Where to Move?

Wordpress Gutenberg - In spare moments I’ve been looking at other blog CMS platforms to replace WP in case I have to eventually migrate. There ain’t much out there. Many of the blog scripts have not been updated in two years. Bad sign. Others describe themselves as “light weight” which is code for - has no features. Ditto when they say “minimalist”.

Yet on others you had better read the reviews on them. I learned one poplar platform may have a plugin system, but most of the plugins require you to edit php code before they work. Just something that the script developers failed fo mention.

In sort: there ain’t shit out there.

Hopefully, by the time I have to move, Micro.blog hosted blogs might have enough features I could move there. If not I think I would move rambleinggit.com to TikiWiki which would mean I would lose Indieweb magic plugins, but would give me so many toys to play with I might never notice.

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