Unbreaking the News

News as we know it leaves us cynical, divided, and less informed.

We’re building a movement for radically different news.

And we can’t do it without you.

Source: The Correspondent

I use to like reading the news each day, but it seems like the whole news reporting system has broken down.  It’s time to at least try something new so I donated to this cause and I hope you will consider doing the same.  I think it’s a worthy experiment.


Our 10 founding principles

 We are your antidote to the daily news grind
 We do not take ad dollars of any kind
 We fight stereotypes, prejudice, and fearmongering
 We don’t just cover the problem, but also what can be done about it
 We collaborate with you, our knowledgeable members
 We don’t take the view from nowhere. We tell you where we’re coming from
 We protect your privacy, by minimizing the personal data we collect
 We want to be as inclusive as possible
 We always put journalism before financial gain
 We believe in transparency and continued self-improvement

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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