Like: European privacy search engines aim to challenge Google

LONDON — In the battle for online privacy, U.S. search giant Google is a Goliath facing a handful of European Davids. The backlash over Big Tech’s collection of personal data offers new hope to a number of little-known search engines that promise to protect user privacy. Sites like Britain’s Mojeek , France’s Qwant , Unbubble …
Like: European privacy search engines aim to challenge Google - 570 NEWS

Privacy is important. You don’t have to put up with losing it to your search engine.

This is a really good article because it sheds some light on the Euro search engine scene and provides some details.

Read the article but here are some of the things that it clarified for me.


Qwant:  Growing. The substantial index they are building is of French, German and Italian pages. That makes sense, focus on your core niche.  Great news.

Mojeek: keeps growing in usage. Especially over the last year.  I’m liking this.

Swiss Cows: has it’s own German language index, for other languages it serves sanitized Bing.  Another win.

There’s more in the article.

This addresses some of my concerns about lack of EU and UK based search indexes.


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