$5.9 TRILLION on Middle East Wars since 2001.

So here we go: America has spent $5.9 trillion on wars in the Middle East and Asia since 2001, a new study says.

In case you were wondering why we don’t have: high speed rail or even slow speed passenger rail, proper transit, universal healthcare, good highways, bridges that are not falling down. Moreover, this is why our national parks are falling apart, we can’t afford health inspectors in food plants, and why the politicians keep trying to outsource government functions to the private sector.

And it gets worse, because while we are spending money like drunken sailors on foreign wars, the politicians keep giving tax cuts at the very time they should be raising money to pay for these wars (or not get in them in the first place.)

Nothing is free. We are already paying for this and it’s going to get worse.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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