Unbubble.eu: Search Engine: neutral + private - US Version

Source: European Search Engine: neutral & confident - US Version

This is a quickie, first impressions introduction.

Unbubble bills itself as a European meta search engine, based in Germany with all other operations based inside the EU.  Normally I don’t get too excited about meta search engines but this one caught my eye for a couple of reasons:

  • One of the search engines it uses is my favorite: Mojeek
  • Exactseek is used. Exactseek’s search results are actually pretty good, but given the nature of the Exactseek parent company I wouldn’t exactly associate it with privacy. Hmm.
  • EU privacy laws.
  • Unbiased results by using many different search sources. Yeah I like.
The meta search engine for the US mainly pulls results from Exactseek, Mojeek and Yandex as the heavy lifters. That’s a pretty good trio because just those three blended can produce a very good search result.  But add in Qwant, Faroo and some others and the results get even more interesting.  Unbubble specifically talks about “directories” as being providers and I like the sound of that.

Search results pages are clean and neat without too many distractions.  Search results are very good, although sometimes the search is a bit slow.  The pages use a lot of JS so that might be the cause.

There is a search plugin for Chrome (why TF are you using Chrome?) and also an assistive search installer for other browsers that may not normally allow you to add search engines.

How Private is Private?

Unbubble makes it clear that they don’t share information other than the search keywords with any third party.  I’m a little blurry on if Unbubble keeps any personal tracking info on you for themselves.  If they do keep any identifying info, it’s protected by EU laws.  And maybe I need to read the privacy policy again.  In any event, Unbubble appears to be way more private than Google and Bing which is still a major plus.

Bottom Line:

Unbubble is definitely worth trying.


Notes on Exactseek:

  1. Their search results are really quite good.
  2. They claim to be a directory, but their search result algo is way better than any directory I have ever seen.  And they must have a huge index.
  3. They are owned by Jayde Online Network. Which is a marketing firm.
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