Cool Tag Cloud and Bloggy Planning

I’ve never been big on the tag cloud displayed in the stock Wordpress widget.  I’ve wanted something neater.  I may have found it in Cool Tag Cloud plugin.  It’s not exactly what I want but it is better than what I had.  Implemented.

Theme:  Today I briefly switched the theme from Sempress to Zenpress.  I found out Zenpress does not have a sidebar option so I dumped it and went back to Sempress.

I need to figure out what I want to do here on Ramblinggit.  I think this winter I need to dump some things that are not working.

Nominated Things to Dump:

  1. My two webrings.  No interest so they should go.
  2. Guestbook - it’s a nice plugin, but no interest so it should go.
  3. Free public domain ebooks
  4. Blog directory

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