Halloween 2018 After Action Report

Weather: Mild high 50’s F., no rain, no wind.


Grandmother directing her grandchildren from the sidewalk with a bottle of beer in hand.  “You missed this one, go git er.”

One kid upon getting what must not be a popular candy bar, “Oh, my mother will like that.“  :-)

Some kids were pushing the upper limits on Trick or treat age.  Heard from down the block, “Wait, you’re in college!”

Real policeman walking the block during the thick of it.  Smart move, you can see and hear and hear of things on foot that you won’t hear in a squad car.

Volunteer Fire Department patrolling around in the small trucks in addition to the police.  More eyes and ears.  These guys aren’t getting paid for this either.

It’s great living in a small town.  I know every cop on the force was out last night, plus the Fire Dept, and the Ambulance crew was at the station ready to roll just in case they were needed.

Plus all the kids were just unfailingly polite.

This is the stuff that gives me faith in America.  Washington D. C. is not the real world.  THIS is the Real World.

The Only Civilized Thing To Do

About 1.5 hours into the 2 hour Trick or Treat time I noticed I was running out candy.  I texted for support: mortars, artillery, close air support, maybe a berserker  Roomba robot air dropped in.  Anything to hold off the hoards of sugar high, pint sized ewoks.

Down to my last 4 candy bars, I considered fixing bayonets and holding valiantly for the next half hour. That seemed a little extreme when your opponents are only two and a half feet tall.  Water to the garden hose had been shut off in the basement days ago for winter so that was not an option.

In the end, I handed out the last of the candy.  Turned off the porch light and beat a hasty retreat inside and locked the door. It was the only civilized thing to do.    🎃

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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