Webmastering and Showbiz and HTML Glory

I always looked at being a webmaster as being like the owner, programming manager, DJ of a radio station.  Which is pretty cool if you think about it. You can create anything and each page is like a different show or episode.

Somehow it felt a little more fulfilling back when we were coding our pages ourselves in HTML, even if we were using MS Frontpage.  Making a new page on an all static site required some planning before you started.  Today, everything is handled by a CMS or blog script, it all looks the same, kinda boring.

OTOH those blog scripts make writing so much easier and faster.  But I’d love to see a blogging platform that let you change backgrounds and templates and stuff for each individual post on the fly.

Still, I have this itch to break out Netscape Composer and create a page.  Might do.

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