Using a Web Directory Script for Your Bookmarks

If you have serious bookmarks scattered about on various browsers and bookmarking services and want to consolidate them into one index you might consider a web directory script.

This solution is not for everyone, but if you already have a C-panel type web hosting account for your blog, the kind of hosting where you can create either more subdomains or host more domains you can do this with ease.

As an example: 1. I don’t have the hosting account but I need one for other projects anyway, 2. I’ve got about 30 parked domains I could be using, 3 or I could put the bookmark directory on a subdomain.


  1. Web based so you have access anywhere across all devices.
  2. Searchable and can be categorized using any structure you devise.
  3. Most directory scripts will let you have hidden categories that you can keep private.
  4. Nobody is tracking what you bookmark and selling the info.
  5. Dead link checker.
  6. No ads.
  7. It’s on your own domain so you have control.  You don’t have to worry about third party bookmark site getting bought up or going pay or changing business models.
  8. Many directory scripts have a free version with fewer features.  This might be enough for a bookmarks directory.
  1. Not quite as easy to add bookmarks to.
  2. More set up and maintenance.

I’d never really thought about this until Amit Gawande asked about bookmarking.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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