I think I Just Dodged Directory Bullet No. 2

I’ll be the first to admit, I’d like to run either a search engine or a directory of my own.  It’s one of those itches that isn’t going away.

I almost started a real directory a couple of months ago but better judgment prevailed.

Then today I discovered this:  WSN Links Wordpress plugin.  Suddenly many of my objections from my previous post were solved.  Attaching a full directory to a blog allows you to build traffic on a budget.  While a stand alone directory would be hard to promote without spending lots of cash.

See, the other problem is I’m on managed Wordpress hosting so I can’t just install other stand alone scripts on the server.  But a plugin, yes that I could install.

I had a ton of other questions: General vs niche, if niche what niche, how to seed it with listings and more?  The only way to answer many of these questions would be to install the plugin and see exactly what the plugin’s capabilities are.

So I tried and the installation failed.  Wordpress plugin uploader wants .zip files NOT .php and without FTP access to the server uploading that file just is not going to happen.

Saved, I think.

Maybe someday, maybe soon, maybe not.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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