How to Make a Niche Search Engine in Minutes

Previously we discussed how to make your own blog search engine for free.  Why can’t you use those same instructions to make a niche search engine (ie. Star Trek, book reviews, recipes, tech, science fiction, fountain pens, Tolkien etc.)?  Well, you can.

  1. Follow the instructions in the link above.
  2. Pick out a bunch of good sites all in one niche.  You want sites about the topic with lots of content that are established.  It’s fun to mix some lesser known sites in with the mix.
  3. I don’t know if Duckduckgo has a limit on how many domains you can put in a site search so start with six domains, then test, and adjust up or down.
  4. Test you results.  You may have to swap out some domains if their stuff never appears in the results.
  5. Copy paste the final code on a page on your website. Label it.
  6. Tell your visitors about it. People will think you are cool.  You’ll get dates. You’ll get invites to dinner.  People will listen to you when you speak. Your cat will quit ignoring you.  😀
Yes I know I’m stating the obvious but somebody has to do it.  Do whats appropriate. If you have a, say, Star Trek site or blog, adding a little niche search gives a little extra value to your visitors and helps establish you as an authority on your topic.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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