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Yesterday I noticed that there is an Add URL form at Gigablast search engine.  So I took a few seconds and added both of my current domains.  Why? Because it’s free, it’s there and it puts my domiains, both newish, on Gigablast’s eventual crawl list.  At least they know about them.

Back in the day, all the engines and directories had an add url form.  When a new directory or search engine launched all the webmasters would race over to add their sites.  Especially on the directories, it was easier to get listed in a new directory for free when they were new and needed to build an index.  The longer you waited the harder it became to get listed.

The whole idea behind having a website on the Web is to be found.  To do that you want to be listed in as many legit places as possible.  You never know where a faithful reader is going to come from.  We’re living in a unique time, where social networks like Facebook and Twitter have loosened Google’s throttling, monopoly, grip on web discovery.  We could go back to that overnight, so get yourself listed in as many search engines large and small as you can.

Gigablast has been around for years.  It used to supply almost all the meta-search engines.  That brought traffic. I think most meta’s have died because there are so few general search engines to get search feeds from that it is not worth running a meta-search.  But Gigablast still has it’s own index, it still crawls the web and if adding my URL’s aids them and me then it’s worth doing.

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