Wordpress Gutenberg and TEOTWAWKI

Announcements are starting to appear in my Wordpress dashboard.  That means the hammer is about to fall soonish.  Maybe no next update but before the end of the year.  This is WP pounding the beach, prepping for the invasion.  Crap.

I’ve been reading the spiel from WP and they talk a lot about the editor.  My problem has never been the editor in WP, it’s been finding where the switches are in the admin panel.  The other problem with WP is when something does not work tracking down who the culprit is: a plugin, the template, operator error, the latest update,  some obscure setting?

Despite that, WP has always been cool because there were so many ways to add on to it, so many ways to customize it with plugins.  The answers I’ve seen about plugins still working have been dodgy.  And what about themes? Is my current theme going to break?

I have this feeling this is more about making WP better suited for commercial for profit blogging than it is about blogging.


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