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When I find an interesting new tool, I like to think of all the ways I can use it.  When I found out I could put HTML on a Page on a hosted blog it got me thinking.

So what else will work there?  Nothing earth shattering here but a couple of small ideas.

One thing you can do is make a webring landing page.  The key here is that you can post HTML to Pages on MB.

For those that don’t remember the webring heydays of the 1990’s, webmasters would join several webrings,  now you didn’t want all those ring codes taking up space on your index page so you created a separate page for your webring codes.  Usually visitors would enter and leave the site by this page.

Landing Page:

Now does have a footer space you can place HTML in, but what if you wanted to join several rings?  You create that landing page.

  1. in your MB admin you create a new page.  Name in something like “Webrings” so visitors know where to find the code.
  2. Join a webring somewhere.  Use as the page you join with.
  3. Place the webring code on that page. (An HTML code should work.  I’m not sure if a javascript code will work but you can try.)
  4. You probably should place a greeting on that page explaining where visitors are at.  You want to make the ring easy to navigate.

Ring Homepage:

Let’s say you want to start your own webring and run it.  You can start a webring at a ring host.  I recommend Webringo.  Old school rings need a Homepage where you set out the criteria of your webring (example).

Have some fun!

What other things can you do with a Page?

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