How to Add a Blogroll in Wordpress

How to Add a Blogroll or Micro Link Directory in Wordpress

Blogrolls fell out of favor in the blogging community but they are making a comeback.  There is an easy and free plugin for Wordpress that can let you add and manage a blogroll or even a micro links directory in short order.

Once upon a time Wordpress had a Links function, which let you manage lists of links.  This was commonly used for blogrolls.  A few years back, Wordpress “bricked over” the Links function, hiding it.  But the core functionality is still there waiting to be used.

The Plugin I used was Links Shortcode, which is free and fairly simple to use. The plugin does two things:

It revives the Links Function in Wordpress.

It lets you put those links on any Page of your Wordpress site using a simple shortcode.

That’s it really.  The links function lets you divide up your links into categories (ie. blogroll, freestuff, causes you support…) so you can put one or several categories of links on pages you create.

Uses that come to mind:  Blogroll, small curated link directory, best of list, list of your identities on different social networks, the choices are endless.

Alternative:  Simple Links Directory Lite plugin.  The free version is limited and it’s a bit more complicated than Links Shortcode, but it works.

Surfing blogrolls used to be fun, it’s time to bring that back to blogging.  This article is part of the decentralized blog search and discovery strategy.

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