Poll: How do you find new/interesting blogs?

I’m curious, how are you finding new and interesting blogs?  Are these places doing a good job in helping you?  How are new blogs getting found?

In the past there were blog specific places to search for blogs and new blog posts: blog directories, blog search engines, RSS feeds directories, RSS search engines.  In addition there were blogrolls, mentions by fellow bloggers, regular web search engines,etc.  Not a lot of that infrastructure remains today.  Blog search has been incorporated into regular web search on Google and Bing which means a post from a small blog is competing against established, branded sites for every search.

I’m asking because, if we are moving to the web being the social network then blog discovery becomes crucial.

So how do you find new voices and new blogs?

  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and others.
  • Readers: Wordpress.com Reader and similar.
  • Search Engines: Google, Bing, Duckduckgo and others.
  • Blogrolls: Lists of blogs other bloggers follow.
  • Blog Directories: if so, which ones?
  • Web Mentions and Comments:  People commenting on your own blog posts.
  • I don’t look for blogs.
  • I only follow a select group of friends or business blogs and I am not curious as to what else is out there.
  • Other: explain.
Of the methods you are currently using (above) how well are they working for you? Is it hit or miss? Are you finding good voices?  Is it all spam?

Bloggers: If you are a new blogger, how are you getting found by readers?  Talking to yourself is lonely, I’ve been there.  How do you reach out to gain readers?

Please answer by webmention, or commenting below.  I really want to know about your experience so include whatever detail you like.  Thanks!

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