Testing: Qwant Search Engine, Day 1

Yesterday I started my 30 day test of Qwant search engine as my default search.  I did a few test searches and generally liked the results.  Then I started on my due diligence: looking up Qwant’s privacy policy, about, press releases, features each opening in new tabs.  Then I needed to search for something.

Bang. I got a nice captcha thingy saying they detected unusually high activity from my IP and I needed to prove I wasn’t a ‘bot or get banned.  Wow.  I’m a slow typist too.  The captcha was easy but tricky (I liked it.) but I didn’t like having my train of thought interrupted by an over sensitive robot detector.

Anyway, I’m still liking the results.  I’m still liking that Qwant is spidering the web with their own bot and using Bing for backfill.  Testing continues.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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