Hey Indieweb: Update on State of Webring Hosts 2018

I was checking out the webring stub on Indieweb.org and the list of hosts.  As of 7/18/2018 here is an update on the information on webring hosts.

  1. Webring.org/rw - I tried to register. I get an error message “host unavailable” from my browser, when I fill out the form and click register.  Somebody might want to verify.  Could be temporary.
  2. Ringsurf - I tried to register.  Registration form has captcha  asking to fill in the code.  Only it gives no code.  Lots of things broken on that site, general state of disrepair and the “Marketing” pitch sends up warning signals in my opinion.
  3. Webringo.com - this is the only webring host not listed on that page, and it’s the only one fully functioning. It’s old but everything works: registration, ring creation, admin.  Somebody might want to add them to that page.
I don’t have editing privileges on the Indieweb wiki and registering and then immediately starting to edit would probably get me frog marched to the door as a spammer and rightly so.

Hopefully somebody will see this and confirm my observations and edit or something.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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