Micro.blog and Improving the Duckduckgo Powered Site Search

I love Micro.blog and I love the Duckduckgo (DDG) search engine.  If you have a Micro.blog hosted blog, some of the themes (last I looked) had a site search box powered by DDG.  I had one for a few months.

Site search is important on a blog.  What I found was DDG was taking quite a long time to index any pages on my Micro.blog blog.  This kinda made the site search unusable.  So the answer is to get DDG to index more.

Somewhere along the line I ran across this:

How to get indexed on DuckDuckGo if you’re running a smaller website

Even though that article is a few years old, it seems to dovetail with something I saw when testing DDG site search on more established blogs, when I kept noticing some mention about Yandex.com on the Duckduckgo search results pages.

What you are going to do is:

  1. Go to Yandex.com and register for Webmaster Tools.  (This is similar to Google or Bing’s Webmaster tools.
  2. Submit your site to Yandex using the webmaster tools.
Anyway, if you have DDG site search on your blog and wish to get crawled deeper you might give the advice in that article a try.  I have not tried it personally, because I’m on Wordpress now.  As in all things YMMV, just thought I’d pass it along.

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