More Thoughts on Webrings.

This is a continuation of my earlier post on webrings.  Start there for context.

I used the analogy of a webring being a road or highway.  So I just remembered something I did back in the old days.

  1. I created three rings on different ring hosts: Webring, Ringsurf, Bomis.  This was to take advantage of traffic coming from the ring host website which were very busy and like a directory of webrings.
  2. The rings had different graphics, but all three had identical membership requirements.  (All were science fiction/fantasy rings.) But they had different members with some crossovers.
  3. I created a Junction Page and put all three ring codes on it.  I explained to the visitor that this was an opportunity for them to switch to surfing another ring if they wanted or continue on with the ring they came in on. I was the Ringmaster of all three so I could do that.
  4. I was running a science fiction/fantasy directory. Webmasters that submitted their sites for directory inclusion got an acceptance email.  At the end of that email was a link to a page about other traffic things we offer webmasters like - those webrings.  All free.  And of course when you joined a ring, that acceptance email mentioned the directory…
  5. All three rings grew.
What that created was a crisscross of traffic, each element reinforcing each other and drawing surfers from different sources.  And it all sort of worked.  They all supplied a steady stream of traffic even after the Google came on the scene.  And for webmasters in the genre, it was a one stop shop of many free things and each one would help them get discovered.

Anyway, thanks for listening.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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