What is everybody doing about GDPR and Blogs?

I’ll be the first to admit I know almost nothing about the EU’s GDPR.  But after adding some remotely hosted tracking analytics it seemed like I should look into it even though I’m not selling anything, not advertising, have no presence in the EU.

I did look into it and the law as written is impossible to comply with. Nobody is really sure they are in or out of compliance, at best they only have some lawyer’s opinion about compliance and lawyer’s are not webmasters or server admins.

I think the EU bureaucrats meant well but the GDPR is so daft I think everybody is going to spend way to much money and time on something that cannot work.

My plan: Step 1 Make it look like i’m complying.  Step 2 try to comply as best I can.  Step 3 if some dink really wants detailed information about opting out, send them to the World’s Longest Privacy Policy Page ™ and make their eyes glaze over in agonizing boredom. Step 4 If all else fails, flares, chaff, zig-zag.

So what is everybody doing to comply with GDPR on your blog or are you going to ignore it?

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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