TSA, ICE and Child Abuse

A few years ago, when the TSA detained, for hours, a preschooler because his name was similar to a name on the secret no-fly list and made the child sit in a chair across the room from his mother, forbidding and touching or contact between the two, I called it “child abuse”.  Criminal child abuse that went on for hours as the child screamed for his mother who was forced to sit across the room, while the TSA tried to figure out if a toddler could be a terrorist.

That was just one child.

Now we have ICE detaining hundreds of small children, babies being ripped from their mother’s arms and held in cages.  That ain’t right.  That is child abuse. Criminal child abuse.  I don’t care about “orders”, procedures, laws and the parents being law breakers, it still ain’t right and no amount of political spin, double talk and bureaucratic double-speak is going to make it right.

I don’t like illegal immigration. I don’t want to see floods of refugees invading America like they have and are invading Europe, but there has to be a morally proper way to handle children and their parents without tearing them apart and locking them up.  America has a right to control it’s own borders, but America also has an obligation to be humane.

I don’t ever want to be lectured about “family values” by any social conservative ever again.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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