Practical Documentation: What the Indieweb Needs for Wordpress

What the Indieweb really needs is some practical, plain language documentation to lead end users through the forest of plugins, jargon and bailing wire setups to get the mainstream blogger to the promised land of Indieweb goodness.

Example: If I use Jetpack to post to Twitter, will that give me all the same Indieweb Webmention, commenting type goodies as using  If not, what specifically won’t work?

It’s all fine to say “Install this and don’t worry” but then Bridgy suddenly breaks and won’t post to Twitter.  What then?  Will Jetpack do just as well?

And what about G+?

I know some have been diligently trying to provide guides to this stuff  but there are problems.

  1. To many links in the chain. Weakest link breaks, then we have a Scudhunt trying to find which link is broken.
  2. There are X number of ways to syndicate (crosspost) content. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each way?
  3. Indieweb plugin by plugin practical guides for Wordpress. Like the problem of empty Titles on microposts and Wordpress wanting to assign a number as the title. Getting around that.
  4. What works best for what.
  5. Don’t send me to Github.  That’s for developers. You don’t want the general public bouncing around there.
The point is if the Indieweb is ever going to grow beyond a small niche thing for developers it really needs some refining, documentation and streamlining. Their goals are noble, their efforts worthy but barriers for broader adoption do exist. And we are hitting those.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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