My Gun Control Proposals 2018

I thought I should put myself on record as to what I consider to be reasonable gun control regulations.  Note: I think the States should adopt these NOT the Federal government.  Almost all these laws should have a sunset clause, that if they are not renewed by the legislature and signed by the Governor they will expire after 10 or 20 years.


Ban manufacturing, sales and possession of bump stocks and trigger cranks.  These things are not marksmanship related.

States should be empowered to enforce some Federal laws governing straw purchases against both purchasers and dealers.

Tighten ATF background check requirement: all gun sales must be transferred through an FFL dealer. (Heirs in an estate are exempt.)


  1. 28 day waiting period on all “assault type” semi-auto weapons.
  2. Minimum age of 21 to buy “assault type” semi-auto weapons.
  3. Minimum age of 21 to possess “assault type” semi-auto weapons, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  4. 28 day waiting period on all high capacity semi-auto handguns. (age is already 21)
  5. 3 day waiting period for all other handguns.
  6. (Optional) 3 day waiting period for all other semi-auto rifles and shotguns.
  7. No waiting period for lever action, bolt action, pump action, break action rifles and shotguns. One must still pass standard ATF background check.  Minimum age to buy should be set by individual States. Use for hunting as regulated by the State.
  8. Mandatory, age appropriate gun safety training in schools.  (You teach your kids how to swim, you should teach them what to do when they encounter a gun.)
  9. Incentives for voluntary hands on, safety and marksmanship training by responsible groups and organizations starting at an appropriate age as shall be determined by the individual States.
  10. Reform of mental health laws.
Like I said above, the states should control this and there should be a sunset clause.

I think we need to rethink our massive, consolidated high schools, breaking them up into more manageable sized schools.  The high school in Parkland Florida had a 45 acre campus with one armed officer to cover all of it.  We have turned our schools into consolidated, centralized, education factories not schools.  It is harder for struggling kids to slip through the cracks in smaller schools.  It will cost a bundle but needs to be done.

School uniforms.  No trench coats to hide guns in.  Kids can express themselves in their off time.


There are things that government just cannot do, so parents it is time to step up and teach your kids.

Not to Bully and not to tolerate others bullying.  Bullying seems to be one of the clues in these school shootings.  Bullying is a learned behavior, so unlearn it with your kids.  In return, when bullying is reported, we must act upon it, not ignore it.  We can’t eliminate it completely but we can try.  This may mean that we cannot “mainstream” bullies.  If they want an education they have to tow the line or get out.

How to deal with rejection, without going on a murderous rampage.  Unfortunately this seems to also be another clue in these school shootings - a triggering event.  Make sure your kid is not a little stalker and can take some rejection and that guns and violence are never a solution to this problem. Everyone is NOT a winner and gets a gold cup.  Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.  Kids need to learn how to face life. Toughen up.


We need to tone back the rhetoric on both sides.  The debate has gravitated to the extremes of pro and anti.  We should be buying guns for self protection and sport, not because we are afraid of our own government(s) or afraid that one minority, special interest, faction will try and outlaw guns legally owned.  There are numerous crackpots in both the pro and anti camps, their views are unacceptable and should never be portrayed as legitimate.  If you think you have a right to carry a black rifle on a peaceful shopping street, or at a peaceful protest rally you are an extremist, if you think all guns should be forbidden to citizens, anywhere, anytime, you too are an extremist.

Note:  The above is what I think might work for my state in the Midwest.  More urban states out East, like New York or New Jersey might want to have tighter regulations.  The states should handle this because what works and is politically acceptable in New York might not fit in Montana or Maine.  This is one reason I do not want the Federal government passing these laws.  Besides, the Feds do not have enough manpower to enforce the many laws already on the books, adding more will not help.  Police powers rest largely with the States, as they should.  Let them deal with it, they are better equipped.

Agree, disagree feel free to make a reasoned comment. Keep it civil.


Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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