In reply to: Intertextrevolution

In reply to: Intertextrevolution

Thanks for the kind response.

I’ll answer here your webmention reply didn’t show on my site. I’m sure I probably have a setting for that wrong somewhere. :)

You are right, Wordpress is a handful to get set up. If you add in the Indieweb stuff it becomes even more of a handful. In theory you only have to do this once which is good. You folks are on the right track with the Indieweb plugin - it makes things much easier.  All I knew, after doing a lot of reading on Indieweb stuff, then seeing the Webmentions on other blogs, I knew this was what I wanted.

After writing that post I got to thinking: one approach to documentation is to treat it like cooking recipes and cooking classes. (ie. I’m making a pie crust, the recipe calls for peanut oil which will do this, but can I substitute corn oil and what will that do to the pie crust? etc.)

Another way is to think like a blogger: “3 Best ways to Syndicate Your Indieweb Blog to Twitter,” type articles.

I understand the Indieweb eco-system is not yet complete, templates, feed readers are all still being developed.  Someday, this will all be close to plug and play, but in the meantime we need some big FAQ’s and comparison of real world (read Wordpress for now) services.  Unfortunately, my trial and error approach burns up too much time.

Thanks to Chris Aldrich who has been doing a good job of explaining a complex eco system.

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