Wordpress and Emoticons, Smilies and Emojis

Sigh.  I’m finding the stock Wordpress emoticons (aka smilies) to be rather boring.  I’m not a huge user of emoticons but sometimes they are handy to convey shades of meaning to written messages, like making it clear you are joking.

Back in the days when instant messengers were big stuff, I used Yahoo Messenger a lot, mainly because the Yahoo Messenger smilies were so much better than all the others.  They were cheeky without being rude, or overly animated, a grin was a big toothy grin, nerd was nerdy, all other collections of smilies were second rate.

I did find Yahoo Smilies plugins for WP but they were last updated 8 years ago and not tested on my version of WP.  Drat.  I guess that era is long gone. But it still sucks.

Now we have these newfangled Emoji.  Which incorporate emoticons with symbols for all sorts of objects and things.  I did find this emoji plugin which looks like it will solve the both the smilie problem and the problem of having no dropdown menu for smilies or emojis on the WP posting console.  😀 And it works because of my l33t skills 🤓

It will do.

Emoticons don’t have as many uses in long form blogging, but on many micro blog posts they are important for clarity of intent.


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