George Foreman Grill and Me

Rooting through a cabinet I found my George Foreman grill that I have not used in 3 years. Later, whilst in the store, I noticed frozen burger patties that said, “best cooked on grill frozen” or some such.  This is when great, spontaneous food thoughts entered my little brain-pan.

“Oh, I bet these would work on that George Foreman grill. Must. Try. Now.“  I really didn’t know if the Foreman grill would cook a thick, frozen burger.

So for supper I got out the grill and immediately realized why I had not used it for years: it has the world’s shortest power cord.  6 more inches of cord and the damn grill would be useful but as it is it’s a pain in the posterior.

But I had already bought these burgers.

I shoved the poor toaster aside so I could reach an outlet with the super short power cord, preheated the Foreman grill and slapped a couple of burgers on.  Since the Foreman grill heats from both top and bottom I halved the recommended grilling time.

End result: Perfect burgers!  Woohoo!

Thank you George, but work on the cord thing.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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