Current Social Network Syndication from This Blog

Here is the current syndication scheme from this blog:

To: via RSS

Twitter via plugin, I’m not totally happy with the way posts are formatted on Twitter but I think is facilitating 2 way communication with Twitter so I like it for now. via Mastodon Autopost plugin.

G+ via Wordpress Jetpack syndication. Reader - I should mention this.Β  Even though this blog is not on it must be automatically syndicated on the Reader there because I’m getting traffic, which is nice!Β  There are definitely eyeballs there.

Facebook via Wordpress Jetpack syndication - while I think Facebook is toxic, the only way I can show friends and others that there are alternatives to it is to post there. So I reluctantly turned FB syndication on. Worth trying.

Purpose: this post is mainly to remind me of how I currently have things set up.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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