Hi micro.blog(gers),

I’m doing a bit of an experiment on blog discovery, and so I sort of press-ganged a blog into acting like a directory. You can see it at Blog Snoop Weblog Directory . I’ve seeded it with a few “war horse” blogs so visitors have something to look at.

Everybody at Micro.blog is welcome to add your blog(s) URL, if you want. If not that is okay too. Micro blogs and long form blogs both welcome, they don’t have to be hosted on Micro.blog.

Just reply to this thread and give me: 1. Title (name of blog) 2. Description of blog (paragraph, you can go longer if you want) 3. Tags (give me some tags that describe favored topics of your blog) 4. Categories (optional) 5. URL (most important)

Any questions, just ask. More info on the About page.

This is not a commercial venture, I’m retired so I’m not interested in monitizing. Ads are from wordpress.com. Thanks and happy blogging.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen


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