Santa Fe Shooting: The Real Questions You Might Not Like

I am going to predict that the gun banning crowd will stay muted on this tragic indecent, because the facts do not fit their narrative.

  1. The shooter used a revolver and a shotgun.  No assault rifle, no high capacity magazines to complain about.  The guns belonged to the shooter’s father and were legally owned.  The assault weapons banners know if they try and ban revolvers and shotguns their support will evaporate.
  2. Somehow pipe bombs were involved.  I don’t think any went off, and for that I’m thankful.  But I might take a moment to point out that bombs are illegal, banned.  That worked so well didn’t it?
Gun banners always just assume it is the gun’s fault, and that guns are evil, as if guns were alive or something.  But nobody asks the hard questions:

Why are these shooters so willing to gun down other human beings at all let alone a school full of kids?  Were they raised wrong by their parents?  Were they taught right from wrong?  Obviously something is wrong here.  Have we raised a whole generation of psychopaths?  Why are they willing to murder?

It seems obvious to me that one thread in these shootings is the shooter wants their moment of fame.  Live or die, they want attention.  Is our media complicit in this?  Considering, the weeks of blanket coverage and media saturation of the Parkland, Florida shootings should we be surprised that some kid copycats a shooting?  Can the media show a little restraint?

I am equally sure that there is no one simple answer to this problem.  Anyone that says, banning guns will take care of the problem is lying to you.

What is it that is setting these kids off, or have they always been out there, latent mass murderers, that never heard about other mass murders in real time, didn’t have saturation hand wringing, so they never acted out?  Have we raised a generation of emotional “hot house flowers” too delicate to take the normal bruises and dents that the real world inflicts?

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via Santa Fe school shooting: 10 dead and 10 wounded in Texas - BBC News

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