Britain: You Still Got It

People, nations sometimes go through a period of self doubt and angst.  As I read the headlines from the UK it seems like Britain is going through one of these periods of self-examination, trying to find their place in the world and with their neighbors, terrorist attacks, chemical weapon attacks, financial worries - the whole parade of horribles both real and imagined.

But know this.  Britain still has it when it comes to first rate medicine and science.  The fact that the Skripal’s and the policeman survived is a testament to that.  I am sure they had to bring in specialists from all over the UK to treat these people, but the point is you had the highly skilled help right at home.

The same goes for the scientists and technicians, that identified the nerve agent so quickly and accurately.  The same for the field investigators who reconstructed the Skripal’s movements and identified how they were contaminated.

Don’t be fooled.  There are very few countries, even in the West, that can do all that themselves.  You still have it.

via Sergei Skripal discharged from Salisbury hospital | UK news | The Guardian

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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