Bathroom Use and Gender Identity

I know I’m in deep do-do with this post right from the start, because I don’t even know the right terminology to use for people who cross dress.  But tough, one can only soldier on.

The question that has everyone in hysterics is what public bathroom should people who cross dress use and what is government doing about it?

Does it really matter that much?

I mean as long as everyone is behaving themselves what’s the big deal?  Restrooms have stalls which afford privacy and if everyone will just mind their own business eventually it will not be a big deal.

I have two solutions, in no particular order:

  1. Use the restroom that matches the clothing the person is wearing.  If you are dressed as a woman, use the Ladies Room, etc.
  2. Use whatever rest room you feel safest in.
I’m really not in favor of mandates requiring three bathrooms, because I am not convinced there are that many people cross dressing to justify it.

Most of all, I think there are far more important problems facing the nation and the world than this issue.  I think a lot of politicians and the media want to distract you with this while they loot the Treasury.

People have it in their minds that they are in some sort of danger.  Honestly, the cross dresser who has to use a public rest room is probably scared to death of YOU.  Just be kind, tolerant, give them their space, stay calm and carry on.

Brad Enslen @bradenslen



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